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This presumes that the player has followed the preceding "Data Center" series of guides, up to and including Data Center 211. This also presumes the player is using at least Disney Infinity 2.0 (if not 3.0), as the guide number indicates:

  • 2## = applies to Disney Infinity 2.0 (and, effectively, 3.0)
  • #1# = some experience necessary; should be both familiar and comfortable with the Editor, Magic Wand, and making connections

This guide adds and connects a few more items, including:

Note: A Character Figure with the Flyer Special Ability (e.g. Tinker Bell) is useful, but not required.


  1. To begin, launch the game. From the Main Menu, select "Toy Box", then "Toy Box Saves", then select the Toy Box you saved from the previous guide.
  2. Either drop down or teleport to the "Data Center" floor.
  3. Place a Locator in the lower left corner of the floor.
  4. Place an Enemy Wave Generator next to the Locator.
  5. Place a Time Delayer next to the Enemy Wave Generator.
  6. Place a Logic Gate next to the Time Delayer.
  7. Place a Power Switch next to the Logic Gate.

That corner of your "Data Center" floor should now look similar to this:

Gallery-guide-Data Center 212.jpg

If not, make any changes necessary, then save your Toy Box before making the following connections.


  • Connect the Power Switch to the Logic Gate to Open when On and Close when Off.
  • Connect the Logic Gate to the Time Delayer to Start Delay when Open(ed).
  • Connect the Logic Gate to the Enemy Wave Generator to Defeat Wave when Close(d).
  • Connect the Time Delayer (back) to the Logic Gate to provide Input when Delay Completed.
  • Connect the Logic Gate to the Enemy Wave Generator to Generate Wave when it has Output.
  • Connect the Enemy Wave Generator to the Time Delayer to Start Delay when Wave Defeated.
  • Connect the Enemy Wave Generator to the Locator.
  • Edit the Enemy Wave Generator to Configure Wave for which enemy(s) will be generated in each wave.
  • If desired, edit the Properties of the Time Delayers to change the Delay Time (default = 0:01, or 1 second).

Save your Toy Box again.

Test Drive

  • Turn on the Power Switch; one or more Enemies should be generated at the Locator.
  • After the last Enemy is defeated, a new wave should be generated.
  • Turn off the Power Switch; all remaining Enemies should be removed.

Note: If a Trigger Area is connected to a Kill Switch and placed over the Locator, enemies would be instantly defeated as they were generated. This has applications as a "Spark Generator" and/or "Combat Training Simulator".

When ready, try creating a Spark Generator or Combat Challenge.