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IcoN-hex-Toy Box 2.0.png   IcoN-Edition-2.0.png
Studio Disney
Franchise Big Hero 6
Model INF-1000122
Voiced By Ryan Potter
Combat Type Melee
Special Move Server of Justice
Icon-ability-Super Jumper.png Icon-ability-Tech Specialist.png

"Brilliant robotics prodigy with the knack for getting in and out of trouble."

Hiro is a character from the Disney movie "Big Hero 6". He may be used in:


Hiro's skills[1] and abilities[2] include the following:[3]

Health & Defense: Icon-health.png Icon-defense.png
Mid-Air Recovery[2] (tap bottom face button while in mid-air)
Digital Foot Sprint[2] increases running speed
Melee: Icon-melee.png
Street Spike[2] (while carrying object, jump, then tap top face button)
combo - begin combo attack (tap top face button)
Firewall Blocker[2] block breaker (hold top face button)
Graphic Reckoning[2] repels attacker; when performing block breaker (release then tap top face button)
Ultimate Upload[2] finishing move (tap right face button at end of combo)
Hard Driver (tap lower face button, tap top face button)
Ranged: Icon-ranged.png
nanobots (pull right trigger)
Volley of Vengeance[2] (hold right trigger)
Repel[2] attacks (tap right face button)
Special Abilities:
Super Jumper
Tech Specialist
Special Move: Icon-special.png Server of Justice[2] (tap right bumper)
"Hiro's nanobots swarm and attack with powerful surges."

For Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, a Skill Tree calculator for Hiro can be found here.


Icon-right.png When entering the game:

  • I'm back!
  • I'm Hiro. But I gotta tell ya, I never thought I'd be a real superhero.
  • Oh yeah. Let's go crazy.
  • What's up?
  • Yes! You're here!

Icon-info.png While idle:

  • (ahem)
  • Alright... now what?
  • Forget San Fransokyo! I wanna live here!
  • Hmmm... HoverCat 3.0. (laughs) That could be awesome!
  • I bet nobody here's ever engineered a flying cat.
  • I hate just standing here talking to myself as if someone's listening.
  • Wait until I tell Fred about this place. He is gonna freak!
  • That is so cool!
  • This place is amazing.
  • This place is so weird.
  • What was that? Oh yeah just my boredom reminding me I'm still alive.
  • Whoa. What is up with this place?

Icon-combat.png During combat:

Icon-attacking.png Attacking:
  • (laughs) Now were you trying to make it easy on me, or are you really that bad?
  • Aw, you got beat by a kid. I bet that was a blow to the old ego.
  • Check this out!
  • Heads up!
  • I think my granny could've won that fight.
  • It could've happened to anyone. Who was dumb enough to go up against me?
  • Outta my way!
  • Sweet!
  • Take your medicine!
  • This hurts me more than it hurts you!
  • Time to get serious.
  • What? It's a game!
Icon-attacked.png Attacked:
  • Don't make me call the rest of the team!
  • Hey!
  • I'm impressed.
  • My bad!

Icon-recovery.png On level-up:

  • Awesome!
  • Don't be jealous.
  • Now I've got this!
  • Oh man, this is awesome!
  • Oh man, this is soo cool!
  • Ohhh yeah!

Icon-street-spike.png On defeat:

  • (laughs) What?! You thought you got rid of me?
  • Aaaaand I'm back!
  • All right! Hiro up for Round 2.
  • Come-back kid. Uh, huh! That's me!
  • Dude! What was that for?
  • Hey, I'm no quitter!
  • I wasn't ready last time.
  • I'm back! Why so surprised?
  • Okay, that was weird.
  • This place has a reset? Sweet!!
  • Whoa!
  • Whoa! I gotta figure out how to do that back home.




  1. Without any additional Packs or Tools equipped.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 Skills and Special Abilities marked with this reference require spending points in the Skill Tree for Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0.
  3. These may be grouped with related skills, not necessarily as shown in the Skill Tree.