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IcoN-hex-Toy Box 3.0.png   IcoN-Edition-3.0.png
Studio Disney
Franchise Frozen
Model INF-1000224
Voiced By Unknown
Combat Type Ranged
Icon-ability-Marksman.png Icon-ability-Super Jumper.png

"Olaf loves warm hugs! And summer, and heat, and good friends like you!"

Olaf is a character from the Disney movie "Frozen". He may be used in:


Olaf's skills[1] and abilities[2] include the following:[3]

Health & Defense: Icon-health.png Icon-defense.png
Mid-Air Recovery[2] (tap bottom face button while in mid-air)
Melee: Icon-melee.png
Street Spike[2] (while carrying object, jump, then tap top face button)
combo attack - attack (tap top face button)
Block Breaker Run[2] block breaker (hold top face button)
Someone Needs a Hug[2] (top face button, delay, top face button, top face button)
Ranged: Icon-ranged.png
sneeze (pull right trigger)
Freeze Sneeze[2] (hold right trigger)
Snow Screen[2] attacks (tap right face button)
ranged attacks can ricochet to nearby targets, whether aiming (hold left trigger) or not.
Special Abilities:
Super Jumper (Athletic Jump)[2]
Special Move: Icon-special.png Catching Some Rays[2] (tap right bumper)
"While Olaf takes a quick break to enjoy the summer sun, nearby opponents will find it difficult to relax."

For Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, a Skill Tree calculator for Olaf can be found here.


  • Just leave it to me!
  • Oh, this is so much fun!
  • One more time! I know I can do this!
  • Ooh! Let's do that again!
  • Ooh! That tickles!
  • That gives me little tingles all over!
  • This game is so weird.
  • You came back so fast! Oh, I love you too!
  • You did so well! Hope you had as much fun as I did.
  • You're back already! What a happy day!




  1. Without any additional Packs or Tools equipped.
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  3. These may be grouped with related skills, not necessarily as shown in the Skill Tree.