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This presumes that the player is both familiar and comfortable with the Editor, Magic Wand, and making connections. This also presumes the player is using at least Disney Infinity 2.0 (if not 3.0), as the guide number indicates:

  • 2## = applies to Disney Infinity 2.0 (and, effectively, 3.0)
  • #1# = some experience necessary

This guide is for building a "Spark Generator", using the following toys:


  1. To begin, launch the game. From the Main Menu, select "Toy Box", then "New", then "Empty Toy Box".
  2. Place a Trigger Area.
  3. Place a Locator behind the Trigger Area.
  4. Place an Enemy Wave Generator in front of the Trigger Area, aligned with its left side.
  5. Place a Time Delayer to the right of the Enemy Wave Generator.
  6. Place a Logic Gate to the right of the Time Delayer.
  7. Place a Power Switch in front of the above three Logic Toys.
  8. Place a Kill Switch above the Trigger Area (should be high enough that the Character Figure will not accidentally interact with it).

The Toy Box should now look similar to this:

Gallery-guide-Spark Generator 211.jpg

If not, make any changes necessary, then save your Toy Box before making the following connections.


  • Connect the Power Switch to the Logic Gate to Open when On and Close when Off.
  • Connect the Logic Gate to the Time Delayer to Start Delay when Open(ed).
  • Connect the Logic Gate to the Enemy Wave Generator to Defeat Wave when Close(d).
  • Connect the Time Delayer (back) to the Logic Gate to provide Input when Delay Completed.
  • Connect the Logic Gate to the Enemy Wave Generator to Generate Wave when it has Output.
  • Connect the Enemy Wave Generator to the Time Delayer to Start Delay when Wave Defeated.
  • Connect the Enemy Wave Generator to the Locator.
  • Connect the Trigger Area to the Kill Switch to Defeat an AI of type Enemy when entered.
  • Edit the Enemy Wave Generator to Configure Wave for one or more Tank Omnidroids.
  • If desired, edit the Properties of the Time Delayers to change the Delay Time (default = 0:01, or 1 second).
  • Move the Locator to the middle of the Trigger Area (but still on the terrain, not in the air).

Save your Toy Box again.

Test Drive

  • Turn on the Power Switch; the configured Enemies should be generated at the Locator.
  • As each is generated, it is instantly defeated, leaving behind a (large) pile of Sparks.
  • Turn off the Power Switch; all remaining Enemies should be removed, and no new Enemies should be generated.


  • You can stand in the middle of the Trigger Area to collect the Sparks, as it's only configured to affect Enemy AI.
  • As there is effectively no delay between when an Enemy is generated, when it Enters the Trigger Area, the Kill Switch may Defeat it before the game engine can visually render it.

This can be further enhanced by:

  • Increasing the number of Enemies generated in each Wave. Be aware that this may be effectively be limited by the console's resources (memory). Exceeding this may cause the Enemy Wave Generator to stop generating Enemies at all. Five (5) Tank Omnidroids may be a reasonable number on an Xbox One S; other platforms may differ.
  • Repeating the above toy placement and connections multiple times, with the exception of the Trigger Area and Kill Switch, as the Trigger Area can be resized to accommodate any (reasonable) number of Locators.
  • Using Ability Discs such as Merlin's Summon to increase the collection range, and User Control to provide a chance for bonus Sparks.

For something a bit more challenging, try creating a Combat Challenge.