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IcoN-hex-Spider-Man.png   IcoN-Edition-2.0.png
Studio Marvel
Franchise Spider-Man
Model INF-1000107
Voiced By Drake Bell
Combat Type Ranged
Special Move Web Barrage
Costume Alien Symbiote
Icon-ability-Extraordinary Strength.png Icon-ability-Heightened Senses.png Icon-ability-Marksman.png Icon-ability-Slinger.png Icon-ability-Super Jumper.png Icon-ability-Wall Crawler.png

Are you looking for Spider-Man (Play Set Game) or Spider-Man (franchise)?

"Your friendly neighborhood wall crawler, at your service."

Spider-Man (alias Peter Parker) is a character from the Marvel movie "Spider-Man", and is included in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Spider-Man Starter Pack. He may be used in:


Spider-Man's skills[1] and abilities[2] include the following:[3]

Health & Defense: Icon-health.png Icon-defense.png
Mid-Air Recovery[2] (tap bottom face button while in mid-air)
Melee: Icon-melee.png
Street Spike[2] (while carrying object, jump, then tap top face button)
combo - begin combo attack (tap top face button)
Block Breaker Combo[2] block breaker (hold top face button)
Strong Finish[2] finishing move (tap right face button at end of combo)
Ranged: Icon-ranged.png
web stun (pull right trigger)
Web Line[2] (hold right trigger)
Dual Web Bolt
Special Abilities:
Extraordinary Strength
Heightened Senses (Spidey Sense)[2]
Super Jumper
Wall Crawler
Special Move: Icon-special.png Web Barrage[2] (tap right bumper)
"perform an amazing jump and web attack combo to web stun multiple enemies in an area."

For Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, a Skill Tree calculator for Spider-Man can be found here.


  • Admit it! That was a beautiful victory for me.
  • Bet you didn't see that coming!
  • Did anybody get the license number of that truck?
  • Here's a little something to remember me by!
  • Here's your six a.m. wake-up call.
  • Hey! I can't believe you'd do that to me - Spider-Man!
  • I can feel the power coursing through my veins! Kinda tickles!
  • I hope you've got your list of life-long regrets handy, 'cause it's about to grow!
  • I'm much faster than I look, and I look pretty fast.
  • It pays to pay attention to the world around you.
  • Looks like your ol' pal Spider-Man just got a bit more powerful!
  • Must've been something I ate.
  • Special delivery!
  • Stand a little to the left next time.
  • Take a moment to learn from your impending failure.
  • Thanks a lot, Spider Sense.
  • Thanks! I needed that.
  • That'll learn ya!
  • That's Spider Hyphen Man. Remember that name!
  • This one's just for you!
  • Try this on for size!
  • Well, that was a nice breather. What say we get back to fightin' crime?
  • Well, that was magical.
  • Whallopin' web snappers, that felt great!
  • What's the meaning of this?
  • Whoa! What just happened? That was awesome!
  • You'd better step off if you know what's best.




  1. Without any additional Packs or Tools equipped.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Skills and Special Abilities marked with this reference require spending points in the Skill Tree for Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0.
  3. These may be grouped with related skills, not necessarily as shown in the Skill Tree.