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Timer is a Logic Toy introduced in Disney Infinity 1.0.

It can be used as a countdown timer that will trigger another toy when[1] it reaches zero (0:00).

Logic Connections


Started (1.0)

to activate another toy when the Timer is Started.

Stopped (1.0)

to activate another toy when the Timer is Stopped.

Timer Expired (1.0)

to activate another toy when[1] the configured time reaches zero (0:00).


Start (1.0)

will display the Timer and begin counting down toward zero (0:00).[1]

Stop (1.0)

will stop the Timer and remove it from the screen.


  • Unlimited (1.0)
will actually display a countdown time of "99:59" that never changes.
  • 10 Seconds (1.0)
  • 30 Seconds (1.0)
  • 1 Minute (1.0)
  • 5 Minutes (1.0)
  • 10 Minutes (1.0)


The image of a stopwatch shown on the toy is "misleading"[2], as it neither records nor compares elapsed time. A traditional analog stopwatch would count upwards from zero (0:00), unlike the Timer toy which counts downwards towards zero (0:00). This would more appropriately named "Countdown Timer".


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 And "if"; see the "Unlimited" property.
  2. It's the image that's misleading. The in-game description is neither misleading nor "incorrect" as stated on other sites. The in-game description is "will help you determine", not "will determine". If linked to a Challenge Maker to create a time-based challenge instead of a score-based one, when the challenge completes, the game will display each players' time. This does, in fact, "help you determine who is the fastest".