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In Disney Infinity 3.0, the Toy Box Launch is now called the Toy Box Hub. It has been completely redesigned (again).

Gallery-3.0-Main Menu bg.jpg

Toy Box Hub

Gallery-3.0-Hub Toy Box Portal.jpg

The center of the Toy Box Hub acts as a Toy Box portal for creating new or loading existing Toy Box Saves.

The area immediately surrounding the center is divided into six areas, each with its own Toy Box Host.


Gallery-3.0-Hub Games.jpg

This area has a purple marker and path, and is themed to look like the Main Street USA area at the Magic Kingdom theme park. It includes:

  • The Base Host (looks like Genie).
  • The Building-Based Toy Boxes portal, attached to the side of a Main Street USA building.[1]
  • A depiction of the Disney Infinity Base, surrounded by seven blank hexagons. When a Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Set Piece is placed on the Disney Infinity Base, a corresponding visual representations of that Play Set Piece appears.
  • Doors to the Hall of Heroes, Hall of Super Heroes, and the new Hall of Galactic Heroes for Star Wars Character Figures and Power Discs. These are attached to the side of a Main Street USA building.
  • The El Capitan Theater, which is where players can access Toy Box Games built by other players.[2]
  • Flynn's Arcade, where players can play Toy Box Games with other players from around the world.[2]
  • A Sky Changer toy, which a character can use to change the skydome (and music) within the Toy Box Hub.
  • The Toy Store Host[3] (looks like Scrooge McDuck)
  • The Cinderella's Castle Set Piece just past the end of Main Street USA, with an empty sidewalk circle in front of it. Placing a Disney MagicBand on the Disney Infinity Base will unlock the Disney Partners Statue, which will also appear in front of the castle.
  • To the left of Cinderella's Castle, Merlin's Tower may appear. There is a button on the front of it that will cause a storm cloud to appear above the tower and it will start to rain (only at the tower). Pressing it again will turn off the effects.


Gallery-3.0-Hub Exploration.jpg

This area has a blue marker and path, and is themed based on DunBroch Castle from "Brave". It includes:

  • The Exploration Host (looks like Mulan).
  • A representation of DunBroch Castle from "Brave".
  • The Exploration-Based Toy Boxes portal, in the side of DunBroch Castle.
  • On platforms with sufficient resources (e.g. Playstation 4 and Xbox One), just beyond DunBroch Castle and next to Cinderella's Castle is an Ewok Village area, complete with a pair of AT-ST walkers that can be commandeered by local players.


Gallery-3.0-Hub Sidekicks.jpg

This area has a green marker and path, and has a farm land theme to it. It includes:

  • The Sidekick-Based Toy Boxes portal, which appears as a shed near a barn and silo. The Farm Host (looks like Woody) can be found in the Plotting for Plants tutorial.
  • A number of farm plots where the player can plant and harvest crops (after completing the Plotting for Plants tutorial).
  • On platforms with sufficient resources, just beyond the farming area and past the edge of the terrain is an island based on "Inside Out".


Gallery-3.0-Hub INterior.jpg

This area has an orange marker and path, and has a "fantasy cottage" theme. It includes:

  • The door to the player's INterior, on the front of a small cottage.
  • A Butler (looks like Cogsworth can be found in the INterior.
  • Beyond the cottage is a Matterhorn Set Piece.
  • On platforms with sufficient resources, to the left of the Matterhorn is Rapunzel's Tower from "Tangled".


Gallery-3.0-Hub Vehicles.jpg

This area has a yellow marker and path, and is themed based on the Tatooine desert from Star Wars. It includes:

  • The Vehicles Host (looks like Luigi).
  • The Vehicle-Based Toy Boxes portal, which appears as a desert building on the highlighted path just beyond the Vehicle Host.
  • A Trigger attached to a Vehicle Summoner, which the player can use to spawn a random Vehicle.
  • On platforms with sufficient resources, The Dowager Queen, Jabba's Palace, and Fallen AT-AT Set Pieces can be found here.
  • At the back of the area, the starting point for the race track that circles the Toy Box Hub can be found.


Gallery-3.0-Hub Combat.jpg

This area has a red marker and path, and is themed based on Halloween Town from the "Nightmare Before Christmas" movie. It includes:

  • The Combat Host (looks like Phil).
  • The Combat-Based Toy Boxes portal, which appears in front of a wall on the highlighted path just beyond the Combat Host.
  • A Skill Tree Kiosk to access the Character Figure's Skill Tree (which can also be accessed from the Pause Menu).
  • Jack Skellington's Reindeer - just like the one from the corresponding Power Disc, which can be ridden in the Toy Box Hub.
  • At the back of Halloween Town on the desert side, the Hero Destroyer from Toy Box Takeover appears, once the player had defeated a certain number of Enemies and earned the corresponding Feat. It remains dormant/still until a character approaches within a certain distance, then it continually moves closer to the player, until it either reaches and defeats the player (on contact), or a certain amount of time has elapsed (approximately two minutes). It then respawns again some time later (approximately one minute).

Race Track

Gallery-3.0-Hub Race Start.jpg

At the back of the Vehicles area is the starting point for the Toy Box Hub race track. On platforms with sufficient resources, the race track around the Toy Box Hub will acquire three additional features:

  • Boost Pads
  • Launching Ramps with a Ring of Fire at its end
  • Vehicle Weapon Generators in sets of four (one for each "lane", as the Toy Box Hub uses the Wide Race Track Pieces).


Gallery-3.0-Hub Hero Destroyer.jpg

Additionally, there are a number of events that take place in the Toy Box Hub, depending on whether the platform has sufficient resources.

  • The Enemy Generator from prior editions has been replaced by random waves of Enemies being spawned in Halloween Town. If the player defeats the wave quickly enough, the Narrator will make an announcement (e.g. "You're a natural!"[4]), and an item will appear beneath the Halloween Town Octopus Building. This may be either a Blue Spark Capsule (common), an Orange Spark Capsule (uncommon), or a Surprise Gift (rare). The Enemies may disrupt the Townspeople and others (e.g. Carl Fredricksen and the parade members), causing them to go "off script". Attacking them will sometimes "reset" them (e.g. the parade will reform and continue its travel).
  • The Narrator will periodically state "A Surprise Gift has appeared."[5] This will appear in a number of random locations throughout the Toy Box Hub. Once the player finds it, a new one spawns approximately two minutes later.[6] When collected, fireworks will be set off above Cinderella's Castle.
  • Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, and Barrel will periodically depart from their home in Halloween Town, walk around the Gargoyle Fountain, and then return to their home and disappear. They are considered Enemies; not only of the player, but apparently any other Enemy in Halloween Town at the time.
  • A giant Matterhorn Yeti will appear near the center of the Toy Box Hub, wandering around and randomly dropping Blue Sparks. If the character picks it up, the Pure White Sky Skydome and Frosted White World Texture will be unlocked. This is the only way to obtain these.
  • A parade, complete with its own music, will periodically start at the front of Cinderella's Castle and enter Main Street USA, before turning around, going back to the castle, and then disappearing. When the parade completes, fireworks are set off above the castle.
  • The Carl Fredricksen's House Set Piece from the movie "Up" may appear, and a character can "ride" it around the Toy Box Hub - at least until it moves a sufficient distance from the edge of the terrain, causing the character to respawn back on the terrain.
  • The "I HEART KIDS"[7] balloon from Gravity Falls may appear and float around the Toy Box Hub for awhile before disappearing.
  • A Sugar Rush blimp may appear and float around the Toy Box Hub for awhile before disappearing.
  • The Skydome will change to The Empire's Weapon on its own, and a Star Destroyer Set Piece will appear, escorted by a number of TIE Fighters that the player can actually chase and shoot down.

Note: Unlike prior editions, the Toy Box Hub can neither be edited nor saved (as saving a Toy Box that can't be edited is unnecessary).




  1. The "Pitch Black Sky" skydome can be unlocked by completing the first and last of the Building-Based Toy Boxes missions; see the walkthrough.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This requires linking a Disney Infinity account which, with the Disney Infinity servers being shut down, is no longer accessible.
  3. He also appears in the player's INterior.
  4. Some players (intentionally) mis-hear this as "You're unnatural!"
  5. Given that some gifts appear in locations that are expected to be populated, and either have not yet been or the platform doesn't have the resources to support it, some gifts may seem harder to find than others, leading some players to hear this as "A Surprise Gift disappeared."
  6. It is useful to note this, as other commentary from the Narrator may prevent the Surprise Gift from being announced; however, it still appears whether the player hears an announcement or not.
  7. In one episode of the series, the "H" and "R" fell off the banner, leaving "I EA T KIDS".